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Network and learn from amazing fellow colleagues
Spend 10+ Months with our team doing leadership together
Group video calls and 1:1 private coaching sessions
"Light Seat" group sessions focused 100% on YOU 
Private Q&A networking with all Special Guests
Master Classes for personal and team-based learning

Live, in-person Meet-Up Events each quarter
Private online community to network, ask questions and support each other

Signature "No Leader Left Behind" commitment 
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Our team has over 300 years' experience
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  • Self Transformation
  • ​Leadership Purpose
  • ​Amplified Relationships
  • ​ Ideas From Great Leaders
  • ​An Extended Network of Leaders to Work with
  • ​Impact- Focused Execution Plans
  • ​Ideas to Share and Invest In
  • ​100 X Your Legacy
  • ​Become Rejuvenated
  • ​Become More Confident
  • ​Establish Strong Frameworks for your Business Life
  • ​Improve Your Health
  • ​Change Your Life and Ultimately Those Around You
    Mark Nation
    Mark Nation is a globally-recognized management expert, leadership consultant, executive coach, author, and speaker. He is personally driven to discover what makes individuals, teams, and organizations amazing —those elements which power the heart and soul of individuals and businesses worldwide.

    Mark is Founder and President of Nation Leadership and Harvard Help Circle. He is the author of national best-selling book, Made for Amazing. In 2018 and 2019, Global Gurus named Mark one of the World's Top 30 Leadership and Business Coaches alongside Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. He is an active member of Forbes Coaches Council and The Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital - Harvard Medical School. Mark’s work has been leveraged across a wide range of clients, from young leaders, corporate managers and executives, to Fortune 500 organizations, start-ups, schools, churches, and non-profits.

    Mark is the ultimate player-coach—he has worked personally in every job he eventually managed, across the entire business value chain. He has developed or managed companies in five industries, led people, products, and partnerships on six continents, and worked with people across ages, nationalities, races, and religions. This diverse experience shapes Mark’s passion to cultivate the human side of business.

    Mark graduated summa cum laude from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is a former professional musician and Ironman triathlete, still enjoying skiing, running, and biking when possible. His work and travels have taken him to over 40 U.S. states and 35 countries, where he has managed, performed, or spoken to over 300,000 people. 
    Global Leaders and Special Guests
    Marshall Goldsmith
    Thinkers 50 World's #1 Leadership Thinker and Executive Coach; 
    #1 New York Times best-selling author of Triggers and What Got You Here Won't Get You There
    Chip Bell 
    Top 3 Global Guru in Customer Loyalty and Service Innovation; Author of over
    20 best-selling books; Recipient of 2 Purple Hearts and 2 Bronze Stars
    Rhiannon Rees
    IAOTP #1 Business and Performance Coach; Top 10 Global Guru in Coaching; 
    2012 Brand Coach of the Year
    Rob Bernshteyn
    Founder and CEO, Coupa Software; Guest Lecturer at Harvard and Stanford Business Schools
    Melody Tan 
    COO, Viacom International Media Group; former Executive VP, MTV: Music Television and VH-1

    Kevin Rabbitt
     Chairman and CEO, NEP Group, broadcast services producer for the Olympics,
     NFL, NBA, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Grammy Awards

    James Carroll
     Chairman and CEO, Barcelo Crestline and Crestline Hotels and Resorts; 
    former Dell Executive and Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy
    Shauna McIntyre
     Google Automotive Services Leader, Alphabet, Inc.; former Global Executive 
    at Egon Zehnder International and Ford Motor Company
    Paula Pontes
     Consumer Products Guru; former SVP & Global GM,
    GLAMGLOW by Estee Lauder and SVP Global Strategy, Swarovski

    Core Program Components
    • ​30 Group Sessions with some of the brightest minds in the world ($60,000 Value) 
    • 10 Private Q&A Sessions with Special Guests ($240,000 Value) 
    • ​3 Group Sessions focused 100% on YOU ($100,000 Value)
    • Quarterly In-Person Meet-Up Events ($90,000 Value)
    • ​Session Recordings ($20,000 Value) 
    • ​​2 Post-Event Calls ($4,000 Value)
    • ​Online Community and Network ($4,000 Value)
    • ​​Books, Course Materials and Exercises ($1,000 Value)
    • ​Free gifts each month ($1,000 Value)
    • ​​Extended network (Priceless) 
    • ​​Ideas that can transform your business and career (Priceless)
    • ​​Supporters & advocates for life (Priceless)
    Total Value: $520,000+
    What Others Are Saying...
      "Mark's messages of success versus significance will touch everyone regardless of age, background, or belief system. If you want to become a better leader - and a better person - then apply his timeless principles."
      - Ken Blanchard, Co-Founder and Chief Spiritual Officer, The Ken Blanchard Companies; coauthor of The New One Minute Manager
      "Mark Nation is a rare, renaissance leader - professional musician, Harvard MBA, global executive, leadership coach, Ironman triathlete. He has applied his unique talents and experiences to craft compelling and big-hearted messages that will lift you up with the encouragement needed to renew your search for deeper meaning and purpose."
      - Jim Kouzes, Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University; coauthor of the best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge
      "Mark Nation says true fitness is an 'inside job,' and his inspiring messages will take you on an epic ride inside yourself. Gear up for Mark's uniquely styled program - you'll be preparing for a life of greatness and a legacy of success."
      - John Foley, Founder and CEO, Peloton; former President, and CEO, Evite
      "We are made for a purpose, yet too many of us live dull lives, muted by the daily demands or our culture and society. Mark challenges us to find the music within us and to have the courage to give it voice. Imagine a world in harmony, a world where our song uplifts the spirits of those we meet. Mark shows us how."
      - Randy Street, President ghSMART; New York Times best-selling coauthor of Who: The A Method of Hiring and Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success
      "Mark Nation might actually qualify as the most interesting man in the world. His eclectic career has granted him an almost unparalleled perspective on business, faith, and the world. His work channels a bit of it all."
      - Johnnie Moore, Founder, The Kairos Company; former VP and Chief of Staff, United Artists Media Group
       Mastermind Participant Guidelines
      We carefully select group participants based on the following general criteria:
      High Net Worth - You are a high-income CEO/CxO, successful entrepreneur or senior executive.
      Legendary Aspirations - You desire world-class impact, leaving a legacy for generations to come.
      Committed to Transformation - You invest deeply in personal growth and allow others to help you.
      High Integrity - You are open, honest, kind, tolerant, positive, and genuinely supportive.
      Action Oriented - You appreciate feedback, implement change, and follow-through on commitments.
      Spirit of Service - You generously support your colleagues and help them on the path to greater significance.

      If this is you, then we strongly encourage you to APPLY FOR CONSIDERATION
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